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Alhamayel provides comprehensive electronic services and many advantages for the members and their families and puts the capabilities, ways, and sufficient tools that contribute to documenting the family’s history in a very simple way

Family Tree

Family Tree

One of the most important services is the creation of the family trees, Alhamayel makes it in very easy to create an integrated family tree, with summary of each family member such as photo, academic qualifications, hobbies, sports, and with their social net work accounts

Family Gallery

Family Gallery

This is one of the distinct services, an opportunity to share most important moments, special and unique events with the family or with others by creating an album and a private gallery in which old and new photos, videos or audios clips are uploaded, including rare photos of the family members and its history in order to remain a documented memory to be inherited by children and grandchildren, and cherished by the family. The formation of a comprehensive database and holistic electronic content for the family under one roof that can be referred to, which reflects the pride and cherish of the beautiful and ancient past

Alhamayel Features

Privacy Feature

By choosing the private status, restricts the access of the family information to family members only. Visitors may request permission to view family information from the family creator

Search for person’s Kunya, Nicknames

Strengthening cultural identities as addressing each other by their (kunya), for example: bu Hassan or um Mohamad or by (nickname)

Correct Pronunciation

Alhamayel stands alone by offering the correct pronunciations of names and family names

Search Families

Unique search services by: family, names, interests, hobbies, sports ..etc

Alhamayel Additional Features

Family Book

We offer families the possibility of creating a special electronic or printed family book about the family

Alhamayel studio

The studio feature is a short documentary film or an interview about the family's affairs or brief history and be uploaded at the Alhamayel, This feature is subject to the additional fee

Family Magazine

An online or printed family magazine, fully managed by Alhamayel to offer family news, and all the related events and related information

Account Manager

A special account manager dedicated to help in arranging, managing and saving all contents of the family, This feature is optional with an additional fee

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